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WF Racks are unique because our products solve an issue most people have faced: Bike racks for cars don't have any other uses!

We want to make use of what you already have without taking up a lot of space, and a lot of money. Instead of buying an entirely new ski rack, we're offering a small add-on to your bike rack.

How to buy?


1. Discover the model of your existing bike rack.

We currently only offer adapters for a few bike rack models, but will expand in the future!

2. Check the adapter that fits your bike rack.

If you have any questions on which to choose, message us at

3. Install your adapter

Once you receive your order, follow the simple steps in the installation guide. You will only need a 17mm Socket Wrench, but we do recommend using a torque meter if you have one handy.

Still have questions? Message us! We'll be happy to help

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