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The WF North Adapter
$249.99 CAD

Designed and 3D Printed custom to fit perfectly to the popular NorthShore Rack, this add-on allows you to carry Snowboards and Skis. Now your bike rack will serve you in all seasons!


The North Adapter fits up to 4 snowboards (or 2 ski pairs), and the flexible tabs provide a safe place for bungee cords and your board's edge, protecting both!

Quick install

The adapter is designed to fit perfectly on your existing bike rack and can be installed in less than 30min with 1 single tool.

Fit for bot seasons

Your adapter will never interfere with your bike season. You can keep it on all year long!

Easy access

Your car trunk is never out o reach. It has a latch system allowing for the support bars to be revomed in seconds!

Details and specs

Included in the adapter:

  • 4 Aluminium support bars

  • 4 3D printed Flexible tabs

  • 4 3D printed Supports

  • 8 Screws

  • 4 Lach Pins

  • 4 Bungee cords

  • Installation Instructions

Made to fit North Shore Racks models: 

Estimated to ship in 1 week. Processing times will be confirmed by email after purchase on Etsy.

Bike racks and snowboards are not included. This product is made to fit your existing bike rack. Please Read our Policies before purchasing.

WF Racks has no commercial association with any bike rack manufacturers at this time. Check your bike rack manufacturer's warranty and your local road safety and regulations.

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